Yet Another Yahoo! Security Issue

The Yahoo! logo that was introduced in 2013 and features dual-tone purple/violet thin-walled lettering.

Yahoo! has fixed a┬ámajor security flaw. This one was with their Yahoo! Mail email service that allowed an attacker to embed JavaScript in an email and have it execute. This would allow an attacker to gain access to all of a person’s email and Yahoo! account just by them opening an infected email. How was… Continue reading Yet Another Yahoo! Security Issue

WordPress Security Release 4.2.4

The WordPress Logo

WordPress has released version 4.2.4. This security release fixes 3 cross-site-scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities and a possible SQL injection exploit. In addition the update also fixes a few general bugs in the software: A fix for characters not being saved correctly when a non-standard database┬ácollation is used A fix for the core not type-checking directory listings… Continue reading WordPress Security Release 4.2.4