About Jim

More than 20 years working with PHP, WordPress, Symfony, and many other technologies with a focus on security and performance.

I keep up-to-date on the latest web-related software features, standards changes, and security bulletins. Continual improvement is important.

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Pushing the boundaries of performance while keeping costs in line and security as a feature is the centerpiece of my accomplishments.

At every step of my career, security has played a critical role. Delivering and enhancing security is paramount in an era when data breaches have become an expectation. It in imperative that it be a standard rather than an item to be added on later and a proactive approach should be taken.

Security doesn’t have to come at a loss of performance. Large-scale databases with full search and simplified administrative interfaces, automated video-on-demand services, third-party service integration, and brand presence at scale are all achievable. It’s not a rule that performance comes at extreme cost.

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Wide range of technology exposure

Working with PHP since I was just 13 but during my career I’ve used many different languages. Java, ColdFusion, C#/.NET, python and Node.js/JavaScript to name a few.

Simple websites to scalable cloud-based applications. Frameworks from CakePHP to Symfony and Laravel. Front-end frameworks including Vue, Svelte and React. Content Management Systems including WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. Search solutions including relational full-text, custom solutions and ElasticSearch. Basic front-end libraries like jQuery and cash. Styling libraries including LESS, SASS and Tailwind CSS.