Alkaline Batteries… Now Rechargeable

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A, AA (double-A), AAA (triple-A), C (R14), and D (D-cell or R20) – all common types of alkaline batteries – batteries that commonly have a zinc electrode and potassium hydroxide (caustic base) electrolyte. The vast majority are not rechargeable. When you do see a rechargeable battery of the types listed they are not likely to… Continue reading Alkaline Batteries… Now Rechargeable

AWS: [email protected] Now Available

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Logo

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has made Lambda available at the Edge. By edge they mean the edge nodes of their CloudFront (CF) content distribution network (CDN). This mash-up of the two services allows for processing of final data all the way out to the point where it is almost reaching the client and allows for… Continue reading AWS: [email protected] Now Available

Release: PHP 7.0.16 & 7.1.2

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PHP has released versions 7.0.16 and 7.1.2 (these versions are not security releases, just bug/patch releases)

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AWS: You’ve Been Chimed

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Logo

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has come out with a number of new features to compete with the likes of Google, Microsoft, and a litany of other cloud service provider’s push into the enterprise user space. Google has had Google for Work for quite some time. Microsoft introduced Office 365 within the past couple of years… Continue reading AWS: You’ve Been Chimed

AWS: EBS Update: Elastic EBS Volumes

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A couple years ago Amazon Web Services (AWS) introduced one of the most requested features: a mountable file system that could be used across multiple server/elastic compute/EC2 instances. In addition to that it would scale automatically — no setting a storage size — with however much data you used, just like their simple storage service… Continue reading AWS: EBS Update: Elastic EBS Volumes


Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

Pretty much everyone knows what the blue screen of death is. That dreaded complete system failure that happens every so often. Sometimes for no reason at all. It can happen on any device – PC, Mac, Android, iOS/iPhone… most of the time the device just reboots. Any number of issues can cause them – software… Continue reading BSOD from SPACE

JavaScript Attack Can Break ASLR

BleepingComputer has reported that security researchers discovered a new attack that can be carried out in nearly any browser just using JavaScript. Even with the protections & sandboxing of today’s modern browsers (like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox) it can break the address space layout randomization (ASLR) that most of today’s central… Continue reading JavaScript Attack Can Break ASLR

Introducing RequireWP

RequireWP WordPress plugin header

I built this new WordPress plugin, RequireWP, to help speed up the web. It extends WordPress’s WP_Scripts class to write your script requirements out with Require.js syntax. I have seen a ~20% speed increase (decline in load time) on this site which is using the plugin as well. After installing I just had to modify… Continue reading Introducing RequireWP

AWS: Rekognition Update

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) had added a new feature to it’s Rekognition facial recognition service: age range. The artificial intelligence cloud service has added age ranges to it’s analysis of peoples’ faces. When you feed in a photo (image) it will estimate the minimum and maximum age range of each person in the photo:

Everything is Duplexing

By felixion / Gonzalo Pineda ZunigaWikidenizen at en.wikipedia [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

When you talk to someone on the phone typically someone makes a statement or asks a question then the other party responds. We take turns. You talk then I talk, then you talk then I talk – back and forth. That is also how many internet services and wireless communications work as well — they… Continue reading Everything is Duplexing