System 3: Original Constructor Free!

Screenshot showing the re-imagined construction manager screen allowing you to add or remove personnel to/from a sawmill that produces wood for construction.

If  you didn’t know, System 3 Software is remaking the 1997 classic video game Constructor! Originally they were going to call it Constructor HD – essentially re-writing the original to work better on the latest PCs with high resolution graphics – however they now feel that enough is being added that it will also be… Continue reading System 3: Original Constructor Free!

Constructor Returns!

Screenshot of U.K. developer System 3's Constructor HD game with logo overlayed.

United Kingdom (UK)-based game developer System 3, after 18 long years and a number of fan requests, is bringing back the game that let us build a neighborhood then try desperately not to get run out of town. Constructor, released back in 1997, put the player in the role of a 1920s/1930s construction company owner… Continue reading Constructor Returns!

British Grandma Rules GTA 5

British grandma yelling "DIE! DIE! DIE!" while blowing things up in Grand Theft Auto 5

[dc]B[/dc]ritish grandma is put in front of a computer to play Grand Theft Auto V with hilarious results! She is kicking ass (after running out of bubble-gum), taking names, and out-swearing sailors and yelling “DIE! DIE! DIE!” while shooting rockets at cars, people, and buildings!

Mythbusters: Video Games Special

Discovery's Mythbusters Video Games Special Title Screen
Discovery's Mythbusters Video Games special logo made to appear like an old-school 16-bit video game menu. The fonts are mostly mono-spaced and using terminal-like fonts. About one-quarter from the top is the title "MYTHBUSTERS" in large, bold, yellow, mono-spaced type with red outline around each of the characters. Hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage are represented by 16-bit game caricatures where their heads are covering the title and their hands are folded across their chests. Under the title and hosts is bold, red text with a large red outline reading "VIDEO GAMES" and in white text at the bottom is "Press Start." The background is black space filled with white plus-shaped blue and white stars and a dark blue gradient that becomes opaque at the bottom.
Discovery’s Mythbusters Video Games Special Title Screen

This preview of next week’s new episode of Mythbusters on Discovery previews host Adam Savage sneaking through rooms setup like the DOOM video game complete with old-school growls, plasma guns, and chainsaws. Next week Jamie and Adam will be taking on video game myths and will be interesting to see what they come up with and could possibly be plausible or confirmed in a world design to be pure fiction…

[Unfortunately because Discovery’s video embeds do not support loading on an encrypted page you will need to follow this link to see the video preview.]