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  • AWS: [email protected] Now Available

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) logo consisting of 3 orange boxes stacked diagonally as if it were a forward slash. The fourth is to the right of the top-most box. Under the boxes is the wording "amazon" and "web services" below that in black lower-case text.

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) has made Lambda available at the Edge. By edge they mean the edge nodes of their CloudFront (CF) content distribution network (CDN). This mash-up of the two services allows for processing of final data all the way out to the point where it is almost reaching the client and allows for […]

  • JavaScript Attack Can Break ASLR

    Gold Padlock

    BleepingComputer has reported that security researchers discovered a new attack that can be carried out in nearly any browser just using JavaScript. Even with the protections & sandboxing of today’s modern browsers (like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox) it can break the address space layout randomization (ASLR) that most of today’s central […]

  • Everything is Duplexing

    Fiber optic wires spread apart and sending out light.

    When you talk to someone on the phone typically someone makes a statement or asks a question then the other party responds. We take turns. You talk then I talk, then you talk then I talk – back and forth. That is also how many internet services and wireless communications work as well — they […]

  • Release: Google Chrome 56

    Google Chrome Browser Logo: Blue gradient circle with a thick white outline and a larger circle behind it with red, yellow, and green trisection coloring from top to bottom left.

    Google has released version 56 of its web browser, based on the open-source Chromium web browser. There were 51 security-related bug fixes and one security researcher nabbed over thirty-thousand dollars ($30,000) for reporting some particularly nasty cross-site scripting (XSS) issues in Blink, Chrome’s rendering engine. Here are the other new and fixed features: For Users […]

  • Release: Firefox 51

    Mozilla Firefox web browser logo: an orange fox with yellow flames for a tail wrapped around a dark-blue globe.

    Mozilla has released version 51 of the open-source Firefox web browser. What can you expect from this release? For Users Save password prompt allows you to view the password before it is saved Zoom button added to the URL bar that displays the zoom level other than 100% – pressing the button returns to default […]

  • Fiber Picks Up Speed

    Fiber optic wires spread apart and sending out light.

    Our demand for data continues to grow and so to does the amount of data fiber optic networks can transmit. Phys.org reports on research completed by NTT Access Network Service Systems Laboratories in Japan where they were able to fit 12 individual cores inside a standard diameter for fiber optics. Since the amount of data we […]

  • Browsers’ Interfaces Are Insecure

    Browser showing example.com with the information button rolled down over the content.

    As browsers continue to add new features, many of them need to notify or request confirmation from the user. These notifications and dialogs are showing outside the browser interface and appear inside or overtop of the content window (considered to be untrusted since any content can be displayed by developers). This means that content developers […]

  • Release: WordPress 4.7.1

    The WordPress logo. A "W" cut out of a dark gray circle with an outline of the same color. "WordPress" is written below the logo. "Word" is a dulled blue and "Press" is the same gray color as the logo.

    WordPress, the open-source blogging and CMS platform, has released version 4.7.1, a security update to version 4.7. The update fixes eight (8) major security issues as well as sixty-two (62) other various bugs found in 4.7. Remote code execution (RCE) in PHPMailer – No specific issue appears to affect WordPress or any of the major […]

  • Chrome Changes: Encryption Notification

    Google Chrome Browser Logo: Blue gradient circle with a thick white outline and a larger circle behind it with red, yellow, and green trisection coloring from top to bottom left.

    Google Chrome version 56 (based on the open-source Chromium web browser) is scheduled to be released at the end of the month. One of the major user-level changes is how sites without encryption will appear. Until now there has just been a lowercase letter “i” with a circle around it — this was typically an indicator […]

  • Cloudflare Trips Over Leap Second

    Cloudflare Logo: An orange cloud with a white solar flare emanating from the center-bottom with the capitalized dark-gray CLOUDFLARE printed below the cloud.

    The domain name service (DNS) and security proxy provider Cloudflare appears to have tripped over the leap second at the end of 2016. The Go programming language that is uses to build it’s DNS server apparently returned a negative number for the date in some cases which caused the random number generator to throw errors. […]