WordPress 4.7 “Vaughan” Released

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WordPress (WP) has released version 4.7 of their blogging and content management software. It has been codenamed in honor of the legendary jazz vocalist Sarah “Sassy” Vaughan. Here are some of the new features: Twenty Seventeen As always, new version, new theme… Theme Starter Content When you setup a new theme with no content, the… Continue reading WordPress 4.7 “Vaughan” Released

Google Chrome 55 Released

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Google has released version 55 of the Chrome web browser (based on the open-source Chromium browser) a few days early (was supposed to be released on the 6th). There was over $70,000 paid out to security experts, developers, and white-hat hackers for finding over 25 different security-related issues with the browser. Noteworthy features: async &… Continue reading Google Chrome 55 Released

PHP 7.1 Released

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PHP version 7.1 was released with a few new features and corrections. Nothing massive (like the major performance increase of version 7) was added so don’t expect hosts to make any major steps to support it. Nullable Types Function & method return types can have a question mark (?) placed in front of it to… Continue reading PHP 7.1 Released

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Chrome Security Update: 45.0.2454.101

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Google has released a security update for it’s Chrome web browser. The new version, 45.0.2454.101, includes fixes for a reported cross-origin bypass that affects both the document object model (DOM) parser as well as the V8 JavaScript/ECMAScript engine. It is recommended that you update your browser to this version to prevent possible exploits. You can do so… Continue reading Chrome Security Update: 45.0.2454.101

Canon Global Advancement: Read the Side of an Airplane!

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Canon, a leader in technology for digital cameras has made an amazing breakthrough in complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technology. Phys.org reports that Canon has developed a CMOS with the highest pixel density ever for a 35 mm full-frame sensor and simultaneously overcome the major hurdles to getting there. At 250 megapixels, or roughly 250 million… Continue reading Canon Global Advancement: Read the Side of an Airplane!

PHP 7: Release Candidate 2

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The next version of the popular open-source scripting language is set to be released in early November 2015 – just a few months from time of writing! The second release candidate has been set free with a few bug and security fixes. The upcoming version includes new features such as full and consistent 64-bit support across… Continue reading PHP 7: Release Candidate 2

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Firefox: Stolen and Fixed

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Mozilla, an open-source software community run by the non-profit organization, Mozilla Corporation, and developers of the Firefox web browser, has announced it’s bug tracking software, Bugzilla, was hacked. The organization’s blog post states that the account that was compromised had access to privately-listed bugs representing zero-day security flaws in the browser. However, if you keep your browser… Continue reading Firefox: Stolen and Fixed

WordPress Security Release 4.2.4

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WordPress has released version 4.2.4. This security release fixes 3 cross-site-scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities and a possible SQL injection exploit. In addition the update also fixes a few general bugs in the software: A fix for characters not being saved correctly when a non-standard database collation is used A fix for the core not type-checking directory listings… Continue reading WordPress Security Release 4.2.4

Constructor Returns!

Screenshot of U.K. developer System 3's Constructor HD game with logo overlayed.

United Kingdom (UK)-based game developer System 3, after 18 long years and a number of fan requests, is bringing back the game that let us build a neighborhood then try desperately not to get run out of town. Constructor, released back in 1997, put the player in the role of a 1920s/1930s construction company owner… Continue reading Constructor Returns!