System 3: Original Constructor Free!

Screenshot showing the re-imagined construction manager screen allowing you to add or remove personnel to/from a sawmill that produces wood for construction.

If  you didn’t know, System 3 Software is remaking the 1997 classic video game Constructor! Originally they were going to call it Constructor HD – essentially re-writing the original to work better on the latest PCs with high resolution graphics – however they now feel that enough is being added that it will also be it’s own game. They are no longer calling it Constructor HD but instead just Constructor (like the original).  On top of that they are going to give away free copies of the original 1997 game to anyone who likes their game Facebook page by January 31, 2017 will receive a link to download the original game free. I assume the game has been updated enough to run on the latest PCs (or at least running in an emulator like DOSBox).

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