Earth Day 2015: Ink Out

Giant red squid clip art for Google's Earth Day quiz.

So apparently I am a giant squid. Ok, that is just the silliness put forth by Google for 2015’s Earth Day celebrations. Earth Day is an annual recognition of the environment of our own planet Earth held on April 22. It is for informing everyone about the fragility of our ecosystem, to present ideas on how to preserve it for the future, and to bring awareness about what we — humans — are doing that is not in our own best interest. Poaching, deforestation, over-harvesting leading to extinctions, and the most recent concern — climate change caused by global warming (and contrary to the belief, colder weather and harsher winters does not mean the planet is not heating up — it just further proves the issue).

Giant red squid clip art for Google's Earth Day quiz: "You're a giant squid! You can achieve anything to which you put your mind and/or your massive tentacles."
Google Earth Day 2015 Animal Quiz Response

Unfortunately not all companies fared well on the PR (public relations) meter. Many used it as just another means to advertise random products that have little to nothing to do with spirit Earth Day. They simply wanted to hijack a trending hashtag on twitter and other social networks to spit our more advertisements. Then there was Fox:

Nothing to see here. These aren’t the environmental issues you are looking for. You can go about your business. Move along.

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