CD at High Speed in Slow Motion

Colorful pieces of a CD explode in all directions as it surpasses it critical rotation speed.
Compact disc exploding in slow motion from The Slow Mo Guys on YouTube.

Gav and Dan, The Slow Mo Guys, record a compact disc (CD) explode at critical speed by spinning it on a vacuum cleaner motor. The motor makes a sickening whirring as it speeds up and eventually the CD explodes in an instant and a loud “POP!” The view in slow-motion is amazing but not even fast enough to capture much more than a second of shattering at 28,500 frames per second (fps) and the CD is spinning at about 25,000 rotations per minute (RPM). They ramp up their new toy – a Phantom Cinemag 2 v2511 – to an amazing 170,600 fps. But at that frame rate their camera captured 7 hours of video – 96 gigabytes (GB) of data – in just 4 real-time seconds!

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